Devblog 9

– The game’s performance was highly improved!!!
– Added time count!
– Now the saved game slots at title menu shows the amount of magic powers, secret keys and game time;
– Adjusted money indicator at HUB;
– Increased the maximum of money the player can have;
– The forest boss is finally working as it was suposed do work! Actualy, during engine’s playtest, this enemy was working as intended, but for some reason, in the exported build, some invisible objects that acts in the boos’s moves was not doing it’s job. But now I finally found a way to make everything workis just fine! Like would say Cabo Daciolo: “Glória a Deus”!!!!
– A small bug at slopes, bridges and objects was solved;
– Invencibility time when taking damage was increased;
– A small adjustment at initial dialogues was done (I added 1 more text dialogue to clarify a situation of the story);
– A tiny adjustment at New Salem Village’s background music;
– SkullBat now has less HP;
– Mushlaser’s shoot is slower;
– Teleportal rooms received a better design;
– SpiderBee now has less HP;
– Slash Flower’s sound effect now disappear when the player enters a new area or room.

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