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Devblog 15

development blog number 15

– New demo available for download on Steam! – Bugfix: the scenes in the intro now advance correctly when you press the button (before it could happen that some of them were skipped); – All alternate paths have been created and secret magic teleportals added; – All passages to the alternate paths have been created. […]

Devblog 9

development blog number 09

– The game’s performance was highly improved!!! – Added time count! – Now the saved game slots at title menu shows the amount of magic powers, secret keys and game time; – Adjusted money indicator at HUB; – Increased the maximum of money the player can have; – The forest boss is finally working as […]

Devblog 7

development blog number 07

Hello! Some updates that will be available very soon in the next version of the DEMO! – Portals! I’m have a few problems with some savepoints (most of them works fines, but village and forest are buggy). So I decided to implement a new system: magical teleportals. It’s not only an alternative for the savepoint […]

Devblog 4

development blog number 04

#Bugfix Now the forest boss is working better (but she still needs improvements); I created a new entire music for the forest area, hope you enjoy it!; The slash flower magic does not “persuit” other objects anymore; The aquaspin shield desappears when the player dies; The SP bug was fixed (ingame SP itens was not […]