Devblog 7

Hello! Some updates that will be available very soon in the next version of the DEMO!
– Portals! I’m have a few problems with some savepoints (most of them works fines, but village and forest are buggy). So I decided to implement a new system: magical teleportals. It’s not only an alternative for the savepoint problem, but it also allows the player to travel through New Salem more easily. Of course, most of the teleportals must be unlocked. It also restores life! After finding a new teleportal, it’s still necessary to save the game at a star monument.
– Created new types of doors for the teleportals, as also symbols the each area.
– Probably finally fixed the ladders bug! (I still need more feedbacks and do more playtests to totally confirm the fix)
– Now, alongside the amount of HP and MP recover itens, the behavior of many enemies varies according to game’s difficulty mode (easy, medium or hard). This also include the bosses!
– Now the game is a bit easier (it was too hard for a good amount of players). But you still can play the hard mode!
– Some areas of the first “stage” were adjusted.

Also, som updates I’m going to do before the next release of the DEMO:
– Voice acting acording to language (it’s only in portuguese right now, but the voice acting is still not available in actual Steam/Itchio versio, anyway)
– Animate and program monsters created by @yadubbing
– Include more 2 NPCs that will give more explanations about the game, right in the beggining.
– If time allows me, I will also include an option to change the saveslot (I’m planning to do this for the final version, anyway). So it will be a method to copy saved games!

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