Devblog 6

I intend to release a new demo next week at Steam and Itchio, with these and other updates (listed in previous devblogs)!

  • – Rearranged the pre-game scenes;
  • – Adjusted some monsters shoot range;
  • – Removed filter effect when player is damaged. This effect could slow down the game in weak PCs (my own PC included!);
  • – Created icons for magic relics in Stats Menu (this menu isn’t available yet);
  • – Now the lag at the second part of the first area was fixed (but please be aware of the required minimum PC specs);
  • – Now the lag at the last part of the forest area was fixed (but please be aware of the required minimum PC specs). I had to delete a few monsters to achieve good performance results, so now it’s a bit easier;
  • – The difficult of the first area (New Salem’s Academy Dungeon) was reduced at some points;
  • – First boss’s HP and Forest boss’s HP were adjusted according to the player’s new basic shooting power;
  • – Salem Village’s side mission created!
  • – Adjusted Lasermush’s bullet speeds;
  • – Adjusted stalactite’s damage;
  • – Added 2 new NPCs at first area;
  • – Some texts dialogues (in english) were fixed;
  • – A few changes at command’s tutorial screen;
  • – DEMO: Now the credits appears after defeating Merine.

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