Devblog 5

  • Cute voice acting and additional graphics by Sunny!;
  • New original title music;
  • New Joycat vignette song;
  • New song for Castle and Castle’s Dungeon area;
  • New songs for cutscenes;
  • Created Sky stage (it still needs to be filled with monsters and stuff);
  • Adjusted move speed at ladders;
  • Adjusted camera movement in a way that the side where player is facing is slighly bigger than it’s back;
  • MAYBE I have fixed the ladder’s bug. Since it’s hard to happen and I’m not able to replicate as I want, I need people’s gameplay feedback. If it happens again, I will work more at ladders programming;
  • I changed the frequency of shoots and adjusted it’s damage power and reach;
  • New bullet graphics, sound and impact effect for subliminal little spark;
  • New sound for when a enemy is hit;
  • Fixed a bug at Arc Imp enemiy. I also made a tiny adjustment for it’s shoot frequency;
  • Started creating the Merlin’s Castle area.

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