Devblog 4


  • Now the forest boss is working better (but she still needs improvements);
  • I created a new entire music for the forest area, hope you enjoy it!;
  • The slash flower magic does not “persuit” other objects anymore;
  • The aquaspin shield desappears when the player dies;
  • The SP bug was fixed (ingame SP itens was not working after implementation of dificulty system)
  • The stire was fixed;
  • Bouncing eye does not block the player’s passage at ladders anymore;
  • A few adjustments in texts were done;
  • Fixed a small bug for JUMP movement (the character was jumping a little higher while UP button was being pressed);
  • Improved the JUMP movement (it was a bit fast for some people);
  • Adjusted the JUMP movement for underwater areas;
  • Smooth camera system implemented!;
  • Fixed areas that were playing a wrong background music;
  • Fixed save/load states issues (savestates were being erased after installing a newer game build);
  • fixed some screen transition problems at doors;

All these implementations will be available in the next demo version!

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