Devblog 3 – Many news!!!

#Bugs fixed:
– Now the items you get in the areas won’t return when the screen is changed;
– Now the items you get in the areas will return if you die before save the game;
– Partial fix: Now you can fight against Merine. But I still need to get some boss moves working. All moves works fine during tests in game engine, but they fail in the exported game for some strange reason…

– Now there’s a small pause after the character falls in the water;
– A “Quit Game” option was included;
– Many areas were created and can be explored (in full version only, not in demo)! But I still need to include monsters, itens, coins etc. The areas created until now: cemitery, clock tower, beach, deep sea, arid lands, mines, ice mountain, ice cave, moon.
– A better font is being used, which has glyphs for portuguese and spanish;
– The dificulty system is now working;
– Now you can skip the intro;
– Now there are 2 styles for buttons in the inferface: keyboard and joypad;
– Better animations for HP and SP ingame itens

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