Devblog 13

– A bug were droped items were respawned again after scene change was fixed;
– A few new enemies: water imp mage, fire imp mage, ice imp mage, frozen slime, stone eye, canon, poison slime, mini imp, stationary weapon;
– A bug at paperboat’s movements was fixed;
– In items menu, now the selector is more visible;
– Fixed a bug for when the player enters in water;
– Improved trap rod’s graphic;
– Now a graphic animation appears when player use an item at items menu;
– A better sound for enemie’s shoots was created;
– More tilesites for interiors;
– Changed text colors in menus for better readability;
– Changed Sukie’s illustration in inventory menu for a better one;
– Fixed some texts in spanish and portuguese;
– Fixed Merlin’s Pendant Shield for when the player gets down;
– Created an items shop!
– Some voice acting were replaced for new ones!
– A bug in save/load menus was fixed, but unfortunately I had to remove the magics/keys/gametime infos in these menus because of it.
– Now you can enter in to 2 houses in the Salem’s Village area. The characters that were outside the houses now ar inside the houses (including the upset girl Chica, wich offers a sidemission)

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